MODX Evolution by Jamie Street

Evolution CMS is Now an Independent Open Source Project

First released in early 2005, what has become Evolution CMS was truly revolutionary. Its big idea was that the software that powers your site should never dictate how it was built.

From ease of building sites with lightweight semantic markup, to embracing web standards, to crushing SEO (because, CSS), Evo was a pioneering CMS that is still much beloved today.

Over a decade later, we continue this legacy of innovation, technical leadership and creative freedom with MODX Revolution—a modern reinterpretation of Evo. And like its predecessor, MODX Revolution is ready for whatever comes next.

While we devote our efforts to MODX Revolution CMS, Evolution CMS is now maintained by an independent team, a devoted group of volunteers from its community. If you need to update for an existing MODX Evolution you can find more information on

For now you can still download Evolution CMS Extras from this site, and the support forums remain open.

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